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LA- 6:43 am --Nov. 17, 2018

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8225 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood,, 90046-2413
Phone: (323) 650-3524

Working Hour:
Monday - Sunday 5:30pm-2am

Method of Payment:
AMEX, Diners Club, Discover, Master Card, Visa

Type: Japanese (sushi)

Pricing: around $20.00
Avg. rating: (rating)
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This rock-and-roll sushi house has three floors catering to every taste. On the first floor are big screen televisions and pool tables where sports fans can eat and watch the big game. Floor two is a quieter, more traditional dining room. The third floor is decorated with waterfalls and televisions playing rock videos, and after midnight, tables are pushed away to make room for a dance floor. In all, Miyagi's boasts seven sushi bars and six beverage bars. Crowds come to see and be seen.

Miyagi's is famous for two things. One is its location--an enormous three-storied multi-room restaurant right on the Sunset Strip. You can sit outside, basking under the neon lights of the advertisements and stores, and watch the traffic sail past beside you. It has seven bars, six sushi bars, and myriad waterfalls. Miyagi's second claim to fame is its "Monday Night Madness"--from 7pm to 10pm there is all-you-can-eat sushi for $20. Not a bad deal.
Reservations are recommended for Monday evenings, but that only involves leaving your name and number on their machine--once done, you're guaranteed a spot. We sat outside at a spacious table in the corner and had Asahi and plum wine while entering our first round of sushi. You get the standard white sheet where you select the type of sushi, and then hand them in to the waiter in batches.

The wait time is probably a little longer than usual due to the large number of people ordering more than they could ever eat, but the interim is filled by complimentary miso soup and a house salad (with a carrot-ginger dressing). At first we found this generous, but then realized that it was probably a ploy fill us up more than any true altruism on their part. One family member didn't allow himself to fall for it and refused all pre-sushi snacks (he's a discerning man).

The sushi finally did arrive in mixed batches. It's hard to tell who orders what and which batch is coming when, but as it's all free, it really doesn't matter. You'll end up eating more sushi than you'll want to eat ever again. The fish wasn't the very best I've ever had, but it was of high quality. The atmosphere is pretty jovial, and ordering as much sushi as you possibly can without even glancing at the price is incredibly liberating, especially for those who can't get never get enough raw fish.



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