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Marriton Limousine
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Phone: (800) 940-7007

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Marriton Limousine was founded several years ago with a vision of
the Marriton Difference.
What exactly is it that makes us different?
Technology, Values, and a Commitment to Customer Service.

The Marriton Difference keeps us on the leading edge in our industry in Technology, providing our customers a fully computerized reservations systems, rapid email responses, instant online quotes and reservations, instant confirmations via email on all bookings, and a dedicated server facility with redundant backup so that no matter what may happen your reservation will never ?get lost?. Our commitment to technology extends to our vehicles which are equipped with the DriveCam system for safety as well as GPS tracking to provide continuous monitoring of all vehicles locations.

Our core values are the foundation of the Marriton Difference. Honesty, Integrity, Dedication, and the belief that every customer deserves to be treated as a VIP. From our CEO down to each and every chauffeur, our strong values and ethics result in a company you can put your trust in, whether you are a VIP, a single female traveling alone, or a parent renting a limousine for your children. Give us a call, take a ride with us - you will notice the difference.

Customer Service
The Marriton Difference in customer service is easily identifiable. Whether it is the friendly professional on the other side of the phone, the rapid response to your questions or emails, or the attentive, professionally trained and uniformed chauffeur who picks you up, our commitment to customer service easily makes our employees stand out above the rest. And if for any reason you are ever not satisfied we encourage you to let us know - we are committed to constant improvement.



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